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Robin printing 10-86

Pressroom #6 C&P 2000

Printing The Book of Summer
Robin printing The Book of Summer 9-94
Frances Mayes & Ed Kleinschmidt 3-87
Susan MacDonald
Adrienne Rich - 60th Birthday
Bill Dickey signing Brief Lives 11-85
Skimming tray for Suminagashi 10-91
Holding brushes for suminagashi 10-91
Frank Novak installing paper tray he made for us
Marblers Robin Heyeck & Vi Wilson & Martin Trnka 8-92
Robin & Lady Butterscotch at the composing stone 12-97
Ed Kleinschmidt pondering 6-7-90
Lifting the marbled sheet 1987
Teaching with artist Corinne Okada as assistant 5-93
Pressroom 2000
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Photos by John Heyeck

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