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Adventures of a Marbler by Robin Heyeck
Volume Two of Marbling at The Heyeck Press
2006, edition of 150 copies

This latest production of The Heyeck Press continues the descriptive Bibliography of Marbling Projects begun in Marbling at The Heyeck Press. Adventures of a Marbler also contains five chapters on the pleasures and challenges, the unexpected adventures, of being a marbler.

Adventures of a Marbler

Illustrated with thirty-five tipped in marbled samples, Adventures of a Marbler was printed on dampened Twinrocker handmade paper with 16 point Centaur and Arrighi metal type. It was bound by Craig Jensen and Gary McLerran of BookLab II in silk marbled by the author. Each book is encased in a cloth covered double-tray drop-spine box. $1500


Suminagashi-zome by Tokutaro Yagi, translated by Kyoko Muecke
1991, edition of 200

In 1913 Yagi, a successful Japanese marbler, dictated this book to a professor of a textile college in Kyoto so that his special suminigashi techniques would not be lost. Yagi describes colors, tools, water, chemicals and techniques for marbling both paper and silk. There are directions for creating twenty different suminagashi patterns.


This book is bound in hand marbled silk. The handmade Twinrocker paper was made especially for this edition. The 16 point metal type is Centaur with Arrighi used for italics. A small printers flower has been printed in silver to replace colons in lists in the text. Three wood engravings by Rik Olson and twelve hand marbled samples by Robin Heyeck illustrate the book. The edition is limited to 200 copies. 28 x 20 cm.
With cloth covered double-tray drop-spine box, $1000
With slipcase, $950


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