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For thirty-one years, The Heyeck Press has been printing and publishing both fine limited editions and paperback editions of contemporary poetry and books on paper marbling.

All of the books are printed letterpress by Robin Heyeck using metal type and a hand-fed platen press. Fine limited edition books are printed on dampened handmade paper and are bound in hand-marbled paper or silk.

Adventures of a Marbler
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We have published books by poets Adrienne Rich, Frances Mayes, Edward Kleinschmidt Mayes, Sandra Gilbert, William Dickey, Barbara Crooker, Bernard Gershenson, Charlotte Muse, Susan MacDonald, Gary Cooke, Honor Johnson, Abby Niebauer, and Frank Cady.

The Heyeck Press has also published three books on paper marbling, Marbling at The Heyeck Press and Adventures of a Marbler by Robin Heyeck and Suminagashi-zome by Tokutaro Yagi.

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